Celebrating Women

Celebrating Women


Boxed For You started as a passion project between two friends, who just happened to be women, who wanted to stay connected to their loved ones that lived a distance away.  Five years later, this passion project between two friends has developed into a fully fledged business, one that as women, we are very proud of.

Throughout our journey, we have encountered countless women who have become clients, suppliers, partners and overall great additions to our lives and our business.

Our strength as women never ceases to amaze us. Between juggling home, and kids and school and sports and parents and just the ups and downs of everyday life, it is a wonder that we were able to launch Boxed For You.

But launch we did.  Grow it, we have. We could not be prouder to be two women in business together today and are grateful for all the support we have received from amazing women along the way.

Sarah and Lisa
Boxed For You Founders