Exam Stress - the struggle is real!

Exam Stress - the struggle is real!

If your student is at University or College, midterms have begun and then there will be the final push before exams and then school term is done.

First year students will likely be putting themselves under extra pressure as this is the first time they will be writing exams at university or college. Second and third year students are getting used to the process but exams can still be extremely stressful. 

Techniques for managing stress and good mental health include: good diets, adequate sleep, regular breaks and healthy and fun distractions to give your mind a chance to recharge.

Every exam season Boxed For You sends out De-Stress care packages to help students try to manage their stress levels. Included in each package are aromatherapy items, stress relieving devices, food and drink items, and fun distractions and games. 

Order your box today and support your student's mental health during these stressful weeks!