Getting ready for students heading to College/University

Getting ready for students heading to College/University

As the adverts say, "its the most wonderful time of the year"

But, for many the stresses of going back to school, or College/University for the first time are very real and completely normal.
Like the many that have gone before, this a well established process and the most important thing you can do as a parent or guardian is to stay calm, and be as prepared as possible. Check out a good article on packing for res here

There are lots of resources out there to make sure you are sending them away with what they might need, but once you drive away, what happens next?

Your student will be sad as you drive away, but once they get wrapped up in the chaos of res life, a new learning environment and an independent social scene, things usually get better.

Students still want to be connected to home, even if they don't always call or text. This is where we can help you. Boxed For You offers several different package options for the school year which include a variety of useful and fun items and of course, treats.

We offer packages individually, or in bundles of up to 4, all specifically curated and delivered at the times of the year when your student needs it the most. This includes about a month after they settle in, November before the Holidays and exams, early February after they have been back a month, and early April before their last exams.

Showing you are still there for them is very important, and its is very exciting to get a message saying a package is waiting for you! Who doesn't like to receive a gift?

Check out our student care packages here, and order yours now. The deadline for September is fast approaching.

Good luck to them, and to you. You will be just fine and they will be awesome!

Sarah and Lisa

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Father's Day is just around the corner!

Father's Day is just around the corner!

Father’s Day is a holiday honouring fatherhood and the influence of fathers in society that started in the early 20th century.  It is celebrated on various dates around the world and different regions have their own traditions in honour of the day. 

Here in Canada, it is the 3rd Sunday of June that is dedicated to fathers. This year, it’s June 19th.  While dad’s will like anything that their kids get them, from ties to handmade crafts, if you are looking for something different, we offer a full range of gifts sure to please any dad from our Classic Flavour seasoning, perfect for the BBQ fanatic to fun socks.

We can also create something bespoke for you depending on their interests and yes, we deliver throughout Canada. 

Place your order now to guarantee delivery for June 19th, and show your dad you care.

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Exam Stress - the struggle is real!

Exam Stress - the struggle is real!

If your student is at University or College, this is the final push before exams and then the school year is done.

Although it is the second semester, first year students will likely be putting themselves under extra pressure to finish the year with the marks they needed. Second and third year students are getting used to the process but exams can still be extremely stressful. 2022 graduating students know this is their one last chance to make the last few years count.

Techniques for managing stress and good mental health include: good diets, adequate sleep, regular breaks and healthy and fun distractions to give your mind a chance to recharge.

Every exam season Boxed For You sends out De-Stress care packages to help students try to manage their stress levels. Included in each package are aromatherapy items, stress relieving devices, food and drink items, and fun distractions and games. 

Order your box today and support your student's mental health during these final weeks!


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