Can I customise a gift?
- All gifts on the website are off-the-shelf, and contents will be as described unless substitutions have to be made. Student and Senior gifts follow a seasonal theme and will also be dependent on the school year for students. For a bespoke gift, contact us at sarah@boxedforyou.com
What if the recipient has allergies?
- When you register with us, there are a series of questions which tell us whether there are dietary restrictions or allergies, and we will ensure to not include those types of products. 
What if I have more than one recipient?
- Your account can hold the information for more than one recipient but if you are at all concerned, simply email us at info@boxedforyou.com with your order number and we can note the files accordingly.
What if an item arrives damaged?
- We try to ensure that all our products are of the highest quality but sometimes things happen. Simply contact us at info@boxedforyou.com with the details and we will gladly make it right.
How can I deliver a series of gifts to one recipient?
- In both the Student and the Senior care packages there are multiple delivery options, and some of them (student) have specific delivery times due to seasonality and the school year. Where you can order multiple deliveries for seniors, once the order is made we will contact you to agree your preferred delivery dates.
What if I cannot pay by credit card?
- All payments need to be received before the gift is shipped. We also accept e-transfers, so please contact sarah@boxedforyou.com if this is your preferred payment option.
How can I order large quantities?
- We will happily accommodate large orders. Simply contact sarah@boxedforyou.com and we will be in touch.