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ashbury BLOOM• is a Canadian company based out of Mount Hope, Ontario! Artisan producer of natural, sustainable and handcrafted bath, body and home products that are good for your body and the environment. They believe products should create an experience that will enrich your daily routine and enhance your quality of life by promoting health, wellness and self-care. Their vision is to support our customers and their families’ transition to natural products that smell good, look good and are effective as they believe in the link between wellness and nature.
The journey to create natural bath, body and home products started after our founders’ life-changing experience of losing a family member to cancer at an early age. Since then, we developed a strong desire to focus on developing natural products, promoting healthy consumer choices and providing support to different cancer-research initiatives and people who are faced with fighting cancer. We wanted to create natural products with ingredients that can be found in your kitchen, that are simple, clean and chemical-free. Our ingredients are sourced from some of the herbs we grow, local farmers and suppliers.
Looking for a new way to de-stress? Try Keep Calm Shower Steamers, the best selling product that delivers strong scented essential oil aromatherapy vapours straight into your shower steam. Transform your everyday shower into a spa-like experience with calming and relaxing scents.
Let Keep Calm Shower Steamers help you find your inner peace.
  • Pack of 3
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