Party in a Can - Incredible Group


Each can contains a party game compact enough to be portable and yet lots of fun. Select from the list the game you would like to purchase.

High Roller 
Each player must use a cup and only one hand to scoop 6 sided dice from a flat surface. Then using centrifugal force generated by the arm, the player must create vertical stacks of 3, 4, and 5 dice to win. Each player has 1 minute to complete the challenge. Fastest time wins!  Includes 2 X Party In A Can cups / 24 X square dice / 1 X 1-minute sand timer 

Chop Stack
Each player has to stack 4 Chapstick tubes on top of each other using chopsticks. The goal is to complete the challenge in under 1 minute.  First player to complete the challenge wins! Contains: Chopstack aluminum can with  2 X Chopsticks/10 X cylinder Jenga blocks/1 X 1-minute sand timer

Cliff Hanger
Apply 3 strips of tape across the end of a table, each one 4" / 10cm apart. In between the tape strips, place Party In A Can dollars with the highest values nearest to the edge of the table. Players take turns rolling the can. If the can stops on a dollar amount, the roller picks up it up. Player with the most money at the end of the game wins! Contains: Cliffhanger aluminum can with re-sealable lid / 3 X coloured masking tape rolls / 10 X Party In A Can dollar bills.

Nimble Thimble
Each player holds a cup of marbles in one hand and with the other hand, hold and release only one marble at a time. Upon release, a marble must bounce at least once on the table, with no redirecting by the player, before landing in a thimble. To complete the game, a marble must land inside each of the 6 thimbles within the 60-second time limit. First player to complete the challenge wins! Contains: Nimble Thimble aluminum can with re-sealable top / 12 X metal thimbles / 2 X Party In A Can cups / 50 X 14mm marbles / 1 X 1-minute sand timer

The goal of The Nutstacker is to create a free-standing tower of metal nuts, by stacking them one on top of the other with one hand holding a chopstick ON THEIR SIDE, not lying horizontally. The goal is to complete the free-standing tower within one minute or faster than your opponent!Contains: Nutstacker aluminum can with resealable lid / 2 X Chopsticks / 20 X Metal Nuts / 1 X 1-minute sand timer

Stack Race
Stack cups on top of each other with cards in between each of them. Starting from top, try to yank each card without the cup falling and destroying your tower. The cup has to fall on another cup and then another cup and then another cup, until there are no cards left. Complete the challenge in 1 minute or less to win OR go head to head against an opponent!

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