This on-trend green gift for the teen or millenial includes useful items to relax and a lovely journal to organise their life.
This gift includes a box of organic Mint tea (created by Tealish in Toronto), a beautiful Manna water bottle, a gel-bead eye mask, emulsifying Sugar Scrub and bath Gum Drops in delicious scents (created by Blue Oasis in Brampton), two Green Tea Nature Republic face masks, and a useful inspirational journal.

Blue Oasis is a small business in Brampton, Ontario, and Tealish is out of Toronto, so know that you are supporting Canadian and local small business with each purchase!
Please do not forget to include a personal message in the message field at check out!
Items subject to change given COVID availability restrictions.

Shipping is $15 per box across Ontario
Shipping is $20 per box across Canada (excluding Ontario)