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KITCHEN DECOR - Available for Year Round Delivery - From $60


KITCHEN DECOR - Available for Year Round Delivery - From $60
Each Kitchen Decor Gift comes with two neutral and stylish ceramic vases and a terrazzo tray.
The vases are 8.25 (large) and 5.5 inches (small) in height and can be used for utensils or single stem flowers. They are also great decor items for any room in the house. 
The on-trend terrazzo tray is about 15.75 inches long, 5.75 inches wide, has handles and is a great tray for displaying decor pieces. In neutral tones, this will complement any decor in the kitchen, family room or on a vanity.
Select the option you would like to purchase then simply add it to your cart.
The Decor with Herbs comes with a grow your own herb kit for $60.
The Decor with Cheese comes with Brie cheese and a jar of Ontario's very own Springridge Farm Maple Balsamic Onion Chutney for $75.
The Decor with Tea comes with a cute white owl mug, tea strainer, tea and Ontario's own Cookie It Up Shortbread Cookies for $80.
The Decor with Utensils includes all of the above items (cheese and chutney not shown) and 5 stainless steel kitchen utensils, from Luciano for $125.
If any of these items are for a birthday, please purchase the birthday add-on package; for $20 some birthday decor items and a sweet treat will be added to make it a complete birthday gift! 
Please do not forget to include a personal message in the message field at check out!
Items subject to change given COVID availability restrictions.
Shipping is $15 per box across Ontario
Shipping is $20 per box across Canada (excluding Ontario)

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