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GENTLEMAN'S BOX - Available for Year Round Delivery - From $75


GENTLEMAN'S BOX - Available for Year Round Delivery - From $75
The Gentleman's Box is the perfect gift for the man in your life. Whether graduating or celebrating a birthday or a new job, this has everything the modern man needs.
This gift includes personal care items, including: de-stressing foot roller, moisturising gel socks, exfoliating bath towel, nail clippers, shower steamers, and a hand-held massager.
Useful desk accessories including: stylish pyramid phone/tablet stand and screen wipes. 
Treats including: Ontario's own Cookie It Up cookies and popcorn.
For a bit of fun, the gift includes a game or activity to enjoy with friends.

If any of these items are for a birthday, please purchase the birthday add-on package; for $20 some birthday decor items and a sweet treat will be added to make it a complete birthday gift! 
Please do not forget to include a personal message in the message field at check out!
Items subject to change depending on COVID availability restrictions.
Shipping is $15 per box across Ontario
Shipping is $20 per box across Canada (excluding Ontario)

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