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Subscribe for 6 months $71.50/month


Subscribe for 6 months $71.50/month


You have chosen the 6-month subscription plan, which means your gift recipient will receive 1 care package per month for 6 consecutive months.  

Your care packages will include hand-selected items ranging from delicious treats to healthy snacks, personal items to things for their rooms, and even fun, stress-relieving distractions. Each month will include a unique set of items.  By choosing the DELUXE option, your recipient will get 3-4 more exclusive items than the standard option.
Make sure you add a personal message under the Special Instructions in the shopping cart to personalize your gift.

Orders received before the 20th of the month will be delivered the following month.
Sample Care Package. Box content changes monthly.

Shipping is $10 per box across Ontario
Shipping is $15 per box across Canada (excluding Ontario)

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