Celebrating the Class of 2022!

Celebrating the Class of 2022!

Spring is just around the corner and with it comes the joyous moment that the Class of 2022 have been waiting for. All those years of hard work have led to this, either the big leap from Elementary School to High School, from High School to College/University or the biggest leap of all: the end of formal schooling and out into the workforce.

We know it has been an extraordinarily challenging few years for the Class of 2022. In person celebrations will likely be able to take place, and we want to help you celebrate them all. 

Whether you need gifts for an entire graduating class, a few school friends, or even just the one for a special student, we can help! Last years we created and delivered hundreds of graduation gift boxes for students of all ages. We can accommodate your preferred colour scheme, tailor inclusions, and personalise mugs/drinks bottles and journals. The earlier the order the more flexible the options can be. 


Contact us at now, and we can discuss your Class of 2022 options! 

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